OMP Racing 12.3LB Fire Extinguisher Black Collection Mechanical

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OMP Racing 12.3LB Fire Extinguisher Black Collection Mechanical

Product Information

No one wants to get in an accident, much less have their car burn. All that time, sweat, tears, and wads of money going up in smoke makes up the worst of our nightmares. But that doesn;t mean we shouldn;t prepare for the worst, to try and protect ourselves, and hopefully protect our investment. OMP has more experience then just about anyone: WRC, GT Championships, F1, Endurance Racing and countless other motorsports have given them insight to what driver want and need. They know what it takes to protect you, so they have developed state of the art fire extinguisher systems meant to protect you, and hopefully your car, in the event of a fire.


  • For Saloon Cars
  • Extinguishing system (engine compartment and cockpit)
  • 2.8L of Eco-life Fire Extinguisher
  • Manually activated valve located on cylinder body
  • Complete with:stainless steel brackets and fixing clamps
  • 2 Rolls of aluminum pipe 6x8 mm (4 meter length)
  • External and internal tie rods
  • 3 Connections with quick T couplings
  • 2 “L” Final connections
  • 1 Three way connection
  • 5 Nebulizing valves
  • 2 Round identification stickers.
  • Weight: 12.3LBS (bottle only)
  • Homologation: FIA 2000