RC Sport seats for all S2/S3 Elise/Exige & Evora

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RC Sport Seats

Fitment for S2/S3 Elise, Exige, & Exige V6 These carbon fiber shell seats that are a direct bolt-on to the original seat rails.  These will also fit into the Evora with a set of the factory 430 adapter brackets or Simply Sports Cars seat brackets(preferred). 

Available in a Glossy Carbon Fiber backed finish with All Black, Black with Red or a Grey and Black upholstery. 

  • RC seats come with 5/6 Point Belt Opening 
  • These seats are upholstered in Alcantara & cloth just as pictured
  • Upholstered as pictured only, no substitutions available currently.
  • Center upholstery wrap through 5/6 harness hole is removable if desired. 
  • Uses factory seats brackets from S2/S3 Elise Exige for mounting -Driver or passenger side brackets will fit. 
  • Sold each (1 seat)
  • Carbon Fiber seats weight- 7.6lbs

Standard Width Version - These seats are best suited for someone with a 34" or smaller waist.  Any larger and they will not be very comfortable around the waist/thigh area. 

Xtra Wide -- These seats are best suited for someone with a 34" or larger waist.   They are 1.25"-1.5" wider overall in the bottom, thighs and hips area.  

The Xtra wide version will only fit in Evora's as all the mounting points are also wider.  You may be able to fit them into an Elise/Exige with custom brackets but we cannot guarantee fitment. 


If we have these in stock it will be shown as "add to cart" if they are sold out please email us to place a pre-order or check on when the next batch is scheduled to arrived. 

These items are made and shipped in batches with other parts to save on shipping and keep the price points affordable for you. Lead times can vary on special orders depending on the timing of our batch orders and shipping. 

These are a non FIA/SFI certified seat.

It has been noted that some small adjustments may be needed during install due to variations in mounting on the seats -- for example a mounting hole may need to be elongated on a mounting bracket etc. 

Occasionally there may be some small marks, glue residue or the padding may be squished from shipping on the seats.  A bit of clean up with isopropyl alcohol and a microfiber may be necessary.    


Measurements - Standard vs Xtra wide: 

Thighs outside:     Std: 16"     Xtra Wide: 17.125" 

Thighs Inside:        Std: 14"     Xtra Wide: 16" 

Hips outside:         Std: 16.75"  Xtra Wide: 17.75" 

Hips inside:            Std: 14.5"   Xtra Wide: 15.5" 

Shoulder Outside:  Std: 18.75"  Xtra Wide: 19.75"