Reverie Lotus Exige S2 Carbon Rear Wing Kit (Curved) - 225mm Chord x W1245mm, Adjustable (Lacquered)

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Wing Chord: 225mm
Wing Width: 1245mm
Fitment: Lotus Exige S2 (04 - 06)
Material: 2x2 Twill pre-preg Carbon Fibre
Finish: Polished Carbon
Components: Wing, 2 x end plates, lower support tabs, 2 x support mounts
Lightweight (0.8KG lighter than stock) and extremely rigid high downforce Carbon Fibre rear wing designed by aerodynamics writer and designer Simon McBeath that fits the Lotus Exige S2 (04 - 06). Adjustable mounted allowing you to fine tune the AoA. Rear wing wing gives approximately 63% more down force than stock wing (493N of down force vs. 300N stock, 100mph at 12 deg AoA).