Short Throw Shifter Kit for Lotus Evora, Evora S, 400, 410,430, GT, & Emira

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The Lotus Evora has had some improvements to its shifter over the years and the Emira gained the latest iteration of that from Lotus but but there is always room for more! The gear shift is just one of those areas, the feel of the shift has a sporty feel however it is let down by the amount of travel in the gear stick. This short/quick shifter set has been developed to offer a crisp, short, and precise gear changing experience.

Designed and developed by our highly skilled team on the Solidworks CAD system, the CNC machined billet linkage clamps onto a section of the original item to produce a pleasing shortened up and down shift. Our design enables full adjustment and reduced throw of between 40% and 60% which allows the customer to tailor the short shifter linkage to achieve the perfect gear change for their style of driving.

The body of the shifter is manufactured from 6082 aerospace grade aluminium, then finished in black and red anodising for ultimate protection and durability. The machined stainless steel adjuster pin fits perfectly into the existing gear cable helping further to achieve a perfect shift.   

Installation requires zero permanent modifications and takes about 30 minutes. 

Only a set of pliers, flashlight and a 16mm end wrench required. 

Basic install:

  • Remove rear engine cover by pulling upward out of the rubber ball sockets on each corner
  • Remove cotter clip from stock linkage 
  • Install assembled Forge linkage to end of cable and secure with clip
  • Install assembly to bell crank  --- this is the trickiest part but doable with just one hand reaching in.   
  • Install and tighten red 16mm hex retainer nut
  • Install safety clip and bend ends to retain in place. 
  • Read Forge install docs for details on assembling the kit prior to install in car. 
  • See photos in gallery for reference on installation.