Spitfire Toe Link Kit for Exige V6

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Lotus Exige V6 And V6 Cup Toe Link Kit



Designed to last the life of the car the new Spitfire Exige V6 and variants toe link kit is stiffer, lighter, and ultimately stronger than the OE setup. The custom designed bearings are fitted with aerospace specification Teflon liners for long term reliability and performance. The fine pitched threads of the new components allow easy and accurate toe setting. 

Please Note: The kit replaces the outer arm sections on both sides of the vehicle with the exception of the aluminum saddle – if you need this component please contact us.


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The inner section of the standard OE links is a heavy cast steel bearing arm with a press-in generic plastic lined bearing, these are linked to the outer aluminium bearing saddle with an M12 threaded adjuster, the necessary small section of the adjuster required to fit the arms is a known weak point of the OE toe link.


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An important design criteria of the new links was to remove the weak adjuster link of the OE setup, The new design replaces the heavy cast steel bearing arms with precision machined 7075 aerospace grade aluminium alloy rods fitted with our heavy duty custom made bearings and fittings.

A new high tensile component replaces the OE adjuster and is supported laterally in the saddle by a matched seat with a wide footprint to give a firm support.

Adjustment is now much finer and is carried out by the rod itself.

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The Spitfire toe link kit gives the following advantages over the OE assembly.

1. Much stiffer and stronger precision engineered rods, capable of the hardest track use.

2. Removal of the weak adjuster link in the centre of the OE assembly.

3. Lighter, despite the significant increase in strength the replaced components are 35% lighter reducing unsprung weight.

4. As usual the custom bearings are built to our own specification and are assembled using aerospace grade Teflon liners. With a 3 year warranty and an expected life closer to 10 years, these superb new bearings have an even higher capacity than the bearings we use on our Elise kits and should give a much greater service life than the OE setup. This should reduce long term inner bearing arm replacement costs (£68+vat per side) plus the associated fitting and geo costs.

5. Easy, finer adjustment of the toe setting, easily locked with a large AF surface.

6. Long term corrosion protection and durability of the kit is facilitated by the hard anodised finish on the rods and fittings, A4-80 stainless locknuts and the nitrile boots to protect the bearings.