SuperPro Suspension Bushing Kit for S2 Elise & Exige

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SuperPro Polyurethane Suspension Bushes

Suits all models and derivatives of Elise, Exige and VX220

A direct replacement for the factory rubber bushings fitted to the wishbones.
Stiffer bushings enhance the handling characteristics of your Lotus by maintaining the same level of hardness irrespective of load in comparison to rubber. The resilience of SuperPro bushings allow them to return to their cast shape after compression allows better control of noise, vibration and hardness in a vehicle. The fine tolerances on the bushings provide better road handling, increased tire life, more responsive steering, and longer service life of suspension components.
The special design of these bushes results in reduced rotational friction

Each Kit Contains
32 x Polyurethane bushings (Two in each location)
16 x Steel inserts
16 x castor washers