Tillett ERAIL Seat Mounting Bracket

Regular price $479.18

The ERAIL aluminium rail allows either the REBB5 or EBR steel Lotus brackets to bolt down on top of it and solidly fix in a B5, B6, B7, B8-43 and B6-43 XL seat. The ERAIL combined with REBB5 or EBR are incredibly adjustable, moving in 10 mm increments for leg length and setting the seat as low as it is physically possible.
The billet lower rails fit into the captive fittings either side of either LHD or RHD cars. Additionally, they can also be used in the newer post 2017 cars. The product is made from natural colour anodised billet aluminium and is a stunning piece of machining.
The weight of a pair of rails is .95 kg. When coupled with the EB2 V3 or EB5 V3, the weight is 1.91 kg.