Tillett TBB5 Bracket Set

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TBB5 brackets are specifically made for the 23cm hole centres in the sides of the B5 seat.

They are 30mm shorter than the similar TBB5T and therefore can either be used on top of Tillett seat adjustment runners, or where the central seating area is in a depression lower than the mounting surface under the brackets. The brackets have holes and slots to allow the seats to be tipped, raised, and lowered.

TBB5 brackets are made from 5mm thick aluminium, with a textured black powder coated finish which is resilient to scratching. Because the sides on the B5 are near vertical, the TBB5 brackets are set at 90°. Therefore, they can be used either pointing inwards under the seat, or outwards. Pointing under the seat they can be used on top of the PTRi or STRi seat adjustment runners. Pointing outwards used with the wider handle of the PTRO or the STRO sets.

The new TBB5 can also now directly fit a B5 seat onto the Mk1 and Mk2 Mazda (Matia) MX5 OEM runners.


  • TBB5 brackets can be used pointing INWARDS (under the seat), to achieve a minimal footprint for narrow or restricted cockpits. Alternatively in a car with enough width turned OUTWARDS, gaining more stability and easier access to the lower fittings.
  • Made from 5mm thick aluminium with a textured black powder coated finish.
  • The slot and hole options in the brackets allow the seat to be tipped, raised and lowered.
  • Designed to match the B5 car seat’s 23cm hole centres.
  • TBB5 is the 30mm shorter option of the two brackets offered for the B5.
  • See TBB5T for more height and use on a flat floor.
  • Lower slots enable them to fit directly on top of the Tillett seat adjustment runners, STRI and PTRI (for an inward setting) or STRO and PTRO (for an outward setting). (Please note we advise against using any seat adjustment runners in a race car, as they are only intended for road use).
  • A pair of TBB5 brackets weigh 1.16kg.
  • The new TBB5 can also now directly fit a B5 seat onto the Mk1 and Mk2 Mazda (Matia) MX5 OEM runners.
  • Manufactured in the UK.

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