40mm Diameter Aluminium Slot Support Peg Seat Spacer.

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40mm Diameter Aluminium Slot Support Peg Seat Spacer.


  • A beautifully engineered spacer made specifically for placement between a Tillett car seat and bracket set, with the added feature of a slot support peg.
  • The slot support peg fills the slot above or below the one used by the bolt. This stops the bolt from moving within the slot and bursting through from one slot to the other in the event of an extreme impact.
  • Allows a car seat bracket to be moved outwards away from contacting the protruding leg bulge, which is a common feature on super narrow Tillett seats, whilst at the same time keeping the assembly solid and uncompressible.
  • Approximate weight 13g.
  • Diameter measurement 40mm.
  • 4mm thick.
  • 8mm centre hole.
  • The super strong alternative to the standard nylon spacer.
  • Gives additional safety.
  • Main material; aluminium.
  • Each piece sold separately or as a TK8 kit.
  • Designed and manufactured in the UK.

Contains: 1 x 40mm x 4mm TW12 Aluminium Slot Support Peg Seat Spacer

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