XClutch Ultra-Lightweight Single Mass Flywheel for 2zz powered Elise/Exige

Regular price $330.99

Fitment for all 2zz Toyota powered Lotus Elise and Exiges. 

Weighs 9lbs 


XClutch flywheels are designed and engineered to the highest standards and are available in a range of configurations for various performance applications. Utilising the highest quality materials for the ultimate in strength and weight reduction, the XClutch flywheel range has been developed to offer a wide range of options for various vehicle applications. With over 30 years of clutch engineering experience, XClutch offers an extensive range of quality engineered performance upgrades for almost any vehicle in the market. Whether it is for a modified street car, dedicated race car or an off-road 4x4, the XClutch range is designed to provide the ultimate solution for your vehicle. XClutch performance flywheels have been designed to meet the highest quality standards and are commonly used in both street and motorsport applications. Utilising the highest quality materials and carefully designed to ensure exceptional strength, XClutch flywheels are the flywheel of choice for many top motorsport teams and tuners from around the world. XClutch chromoly flywheels are designed for street and motorsport applications where low rotational inertia and strength are critical.