XClutch Clutch kit for Lotus Evora - Stage 2 w/ Sprung Ceramic Disc

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XKLT24530-1B Clutch Kit

Includes Chromoly Flywheel; Stage 2 Sprung Ceramic Clutch Disc

XClutch performance upgrades have been engineered to provide the ultimate in clutch performance. Utilising the latest pressure plate design and friction material composition, XClutch upgrades offer the ideal balance between driveability and performance for different vehicle applications. The pivot point and diaphragm design are carefully analysed to ensure positive pedal feel and increased clamping force.

  • -1B Performance Clutch Kits

    The sprung ceramic friction disc offers a sprung centre to allow for driveability and is specifically designed for track use with minor street use. The kits offer great heat capacity due to the ceramic friction material and are available for a wide range of performance vehicles.

Mated with a high performance pressure plate, the Stage 2 clutch is recommended for vehicles requiring a higher level of torque holding and heat capacity. The sprung ceramic friction disc kit offers excellent heat capacity and strength and is ideal for racing applications whilst also including a sprung dampening hub to absorb peak shock loading

  • Part Details
  • Fitment or all 2009+ Lotus Evora, Evora S, 400,410,430,GT 
  • Friction Surface Configuration: Recessed
  • Flywheel Step: -9.53mm
  • Clutch Disc Diameter: 9.448 in.
  • Input Spline Quantity: 21
  • Input Shaft Diameter: 1.171875 in.
  • Disc Type Sprung Solid: Sprung
  • Disc Material: Ceramic
  • Recommended Use: Track Use
  • Clamping Force % Increase: N/A
  • Maximum Torque: 670 lb
  • Pilot Bushing Included: No
  • Alignment Tool Included: Yes
  • Flywheel Included: Yes
  • Flywheel Bolts Included: Yes
  • Pressure Plate Bolts Included: Yes
  • Release Bearing Included: Yes
  • Spline Grease Included: Yes
    • Warranty Information

    • Refer to website-www.xclutchusa.com