EBC Titanium Brake Pad Shims for Evora 400/410/430/GT/EMIRA

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These new perforated titanium heat insulation shims have been shown in laboratory tests to reduce heat transfer through the pads to the caliper by around 90℉.

How to Install

  • Shims must be flat and sit without any gapping on the rear of the brake pad.
  • If your pad set is supplied with any other shims such as the rubberised shims on most stock pads, these MUST be removed before fitting titanium shims to avoid a pad over-thickness situation.
  • Simply prize the old shims off to break the adhesive seal with a blunt edge screwdriver or similar, and once removed lightly, sand the rear of the pad to remove any excess glue or surface irregularities. The new titanium shims MUST be snugged up against the pad backing plate without any debris between to avoid long pedal/brake sponge.
  • Titanium shim sets for sliding calipers contain only two shims and these must each be applied to the pad located next to the piston. Titanium shims for multi-piston calipers are supplied for all four pads in the axle set.