EV Wheel Spacers by BOE 6mm & 15mm

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Wheel spacers are nothing new, but they are something we take seriously when the spacing exceeds 10mm. 

We have two options for wheel spacers, 6 and 15mm.

The spacing is perfect for the OE wheels on the Evora when the 6mm spacers are up front and the 15mm are placed in the rear. Combine the wheel spacers with our Lowering Cups and your Evora will look 100% better than stock while retaining (or even improving) that great Lotus ride and track characteristics the car is known for.

The real trick is in the 15mm spacers. They are designed here at BOE to preserve the hub-centric design. There's a stepped receiving bore in the spacer to harness the stock hub center and then a machined lip to center the wheel on the spacer. They're more expensive than the cheap "flat pattern" spacers you'll find elsewhere, but they're a far better part to ensure the best possible experience. 

Please note, wheel studs are required when running spacers. Spacers have been track and street tested!

Each size is sold in pairs. A typical order would be to add (1) pair of 6mm and (1) pair of 15mm spacers to the cart. 

Fits all Evora, Evora S, 400,410,GT & Emira 

Recommend only using 6mm on Emira's with oem wheels.

Not advisable for the Evora GT if it will see any track use.   The suspension is already setup 15mm's lower than the 400 on these cars and lowering anymore will most definitely cause rubbing. 

We recommend running a 6mm/6mm combo on lowered 400's or stock GT's due to the more aggressive offset on the rear wheels.   

Please email with any questions. 

Option to purchase as a combo kit includes:

  • 2 - 6mm wheel spacers
  • 2 - 15mm wheel spacers
  • 75mm front, 82mm rear Motorsport Hardware Wheel stud kit with black hex conical nuts.