GRP Valve Cover to Crankcase Oil Sling / Vent Block Off Plates

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GRP Valve Cover / Crankcase Oil Sling Vent Block Off Plates

These block off plates are a must have for anyone doing a supercharger swap, engine bay cleanup, or to help get rid of that notorious oil leak from the oem bottom elbow.

If you are unfamiliar with this oil/vent line it runs from the crankcase to the valve cover on 2zz engines and is totally unnecessary even in the most demanding racing applications. Whether your engine is N/A, super charged or turbo charged the vent is not needed and is just a unsightly tube the poses another place for a potential oil leak. There is more than adequate crankcase venting through the oil return areas between the head and block on the engine.

Remove that ugly tube and install these for a more clean and finished looking engine bay, not to mention much more room around you supercharger if equipped.

These are laser cut aircraft grade aluminum plates ready to bolt on. Reuse your oem nuts and gaskets.

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