HPE Billet Shifter for Toyota powered Elise & Exige

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The Ultimate Toyota 6 Speed Shifter is Now Available! 

With styling and operation to echo the oem exposed shifter from the latest Elise and Exige models, this shifter gives you the ultimate in shifting precision and feel. Designed to be a complete DIY’able bolt in kit and reversible should you ever wish to remove it (unlikely).

You will have the choice of retaining your existing trim, fitting the later ‘exposed’ style trim or leaving the kit exposed and enjoying the billet goodness.

The shift itself is incredibly tight and precise, with a short throw and adjustable cross gate mechanism with two positions. An adjustable reverse lockout stop is built in to the shifter allowing you to switch between cross gate settings in a matter of seconds.

Your existing cables will hook up to the shifter and require no modification, the entire kit can be fitted from the cockpit by any competent DIY’er should you wish to.

Included in the kit is:

  • Billet 6 speed shifter with integral lockout

  • Floor adapter plate

  • Handbrake carrier

  • Gear cable rod ends and adapters

  • All the necessary fixings

The prototype version shown in some images is a test model only, the production models are fully anodized and the handbrake will have additional styling features applied so that it looks the part if you leave the trim off. 



K20 Version Info: 

Following development of the Toyota shifter kit and handbrake carrier, the Honda kit has been upgraded to give the same incredible shift quality with a much easier installation experience for the DIY enthusiast.

The kit now includes the handbrake carrier so this is no longer required to be purchased separately. Also included is an adaptor plate for the chassis to enable fitment without the need for additional rivnuts for those that don’t have the requisite tools.